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"Don't just take a picture, when you can tell a story"

Get to know me ...

Welcome to my website, and thank you so much for stopping by. I'm Prathibha (Prathi) for short, a content creator and photographer from Germany. I have been travelling for over 10 years, first as a student backpacker and now whenever my 9-5 job allows me. Sometimes this is with my husband but always with my camera! My work is dedicated to travellers and creatives who are looking to discover new places, eat delicious food, enjoy breathtaking nature and communicate all of these into memorable photographs.

I adore food! Most of my travel decisions are oriented around discovering regional dishes on offer at any destination. It’s safe to say that I live to eat incredible food, and love photographing it too!


I cannot function without freshly brewed coffee – if it’s South Indian filter coffee, then all the better! Occasionally, you may find my coffee obsession highlighted here…

 I have a PhD in molecular biology and have a super serious, scientist side to me. This nerdy side is useful for learning photography but can sometimes conflict with my creative side (I’m working on this!).

I am a mountain girl! Despite growing up in the buzzing metropolis of Bengalaru, nothing calms my mind more than gazing at a mighty mountain panorama. This makes me low-key glad that I live only two hours from Switzerland!

From my recent travels..

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